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Chesapeake Pest Control is a full service pesp control conditioning company. Reclaim your yard from mosquitos. Sign up for our seasonal mosquito control and ensure your family and home are protected all season long. This plant friendly service runs from March to October and is applied to bushes, shrubs, trees and other surfaces around your home where mosquitos are most likely to breed.


Starting at $85.00


Starting at $45.00

One time "Special Events" services also available

Pests and Bacteria - GO!

protect your home from unwanted guests

With their ability to spread bacteria, transmit diseases and cause significant property damage, pests are a constant threat to the quality of life we all enjoy. Biting, stinging, and chewing pests like ants, mosquitos, mice, and ticks are much more of a nuisance and require unique control measures.

Peace of mind

Chesapeake Pest Control will take care of mosquitos and pest problem. In addition to our main expertise we provide other services, so you may save money and time.

Complete Pest Control

Get rid of bugs like ants, roaches, spiders, mosquitos, and more!
Giving you a pest free environment inside and out is our top priority.

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Rodent exclusion

Many homes are repeat targets for rodent infestations. These vermin can cause damage to the home, spoil food and spread disease. The home owners find themselves baiting and trapping rodents year after year in a never ending cycle. This usually happens because the home owners are relying on getting rid of a rat infestation or a mouse infestation instead of preventing one. Rodent infestations can be prevented by rodent proofing your home.

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Annual termite warranties and treatments

We offer several treatment methods, from bait stations to liquid treatments, as well as annual warranties to protect you from future activities.

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